Dependent views to Sheets


I hope someone can help me with this problem:

In my script I create a dependent view and I want the value of scope box to be entered.
Now I get the following error message:


The scope box falls under ElementID parameter.

How can I have this value entered?

dependent views maken.dyn (16.1 KB)

Change your list sort to sort by key and do something as follows:

Note: it also seems that you do not need to sort the elements out and therefore should just put the “All Elements of Category” node directly into your set parameter node, by passing the string from node.

You are trying to feed ScopeBox names (Strings) into parameter that expects Elements.
Soo you need to feed Scopeboxes as elements

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He now enters the value in this way.
But he must enter it differently per dependent view

OK. You just need to use levels on your SetParameterByName node. Set Elements at Level 2 and Values at Level 2, also set lacing to longest

Thank you very much!

No problem, dont forget to set the topic as solved :wink:

When I give a solution will he be solved or?

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I want to place my dependent view on my sheet.
Is there something I miss?

dependent views maken.dyn (24.2 KB)

Hmmm, doesnt seems like it. But this node havent worked for me also. You can try different node, which creates Sheets without views, and then place views on them.

I started using this node:
Part of SteamNodes package.

For placing views I use this node:
Part of SteamNodes package.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

It’s help almost, can I run the tools in one script?

I would like him to place them on the sheet per construction number (scope box) of each level

For those nodes to work you need to use List Cycle, so that you have matching lists. And also flatten everything.

So for every view you need a point (even if they are same for every list) and sheet. so maybe count you list of view at level 3. And then count views at level 2 for sheets and then use List.Cycle for point and sheets with correct count.

I would give an example but I’m not in the office anymore.

Hi Jan,

Can you send me a example?