Create pipe fittings from pipes

Right now, Im looking only for elbow connection in pipe fitting.

I have a CAD line .dwg file. then i have to created pipe over those lines. This is done
Now main problem is to connect those pipes with pipe fittings.

If select one by one pipe, it is possible. but how to do for whole network.
Something needs to be done for grouping of line. (I didnt find any node)

Any idea or suggestion please :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my dyn file 2.0.2. I have used bimorph and mepover package. duct create.dyn (29.4 KB)
My test cad file
test 1.dwg (55.0KB)

I looked at the dwg file, it should not be hard. First you need an ordered list of curves for each set of connected curves. I think you have to try creating PolyCurves (you will have 3) and then breaking them again into individual curves to get an ordered list of curves.

for each set of individual curves you want to grab each two neighbor curves, something like this in python:

curve_pairs = []
for each_set_of_curves in curve_sets:
	for i in range(len(each_set_of_curves )-1):
		curve_pairs.append((each_set_of_curves [i],each_set_of_curves [i+1]))

Try this node and set the lacing on Cross-product mode.0021

It was made by your reference.
This works good.
MEPFitting.ByMEPCurves lacing option have to be shortest.

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