CIVIL 3D - rotate group of points perpendicular to polyline/alignment


I am trying to make script, that will be rotating points perpendicular to polyline, but i have a problem:


I don’t know why the list (Curve.ParameterAtPoint) contains only 1 element. The chosen polyline is this one and it contains 4 points:


How to rotate all of them ?

1 more question: How to do similar script, but with alignment instead of polyline ? I tried something like this:


but alignment isn’t the object. How to avoid this kind of problem ?

Thanks for help.

Hola amiga @karol_urb como estas? Welcome, if you are working in C3D there are 3 very interesting packages that you should download to help you in your work, Civil3DToolkit, Camber and Arkance Systems, here is an image that may help you and a link to a similar problem, try to search for topics similar to your problem, usually there is already a solution or you find more efficient alternatives to your workflow. :wink:

attach example drawing
better to help from the members

example.dwg (948.8 KB)
RotatePointPerpendicularToAlignment.dyn (24.2 KB)

Here is example drawing :slight_smile:

Amiga @karol_urb buenas, I see what your problem is, I will try to express myself correctly if you generate points in dynamo the internal properties of that point come with default properties that is to say without any rotation, while if you ask for a Curve. CoordinateSystematsegmentLength along a curve this node access to the internal properties of the point on the curve, and I think that’s what you are looking for I leave you an example, if you want to start working with alignments and C3D own objects I advise you to download 3 packages Civil3DToolkit, Camber and Arkance Systems, the creators participate in the forums and there are many post about how to use their nodes and what they are used for!

Points vs CoordinateSystems.dyn (18.1 KB)

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