Create or copy new excel sheet in dynamo for each space

I am trying to create new excel sheet for each space in Revit, and name the excel sheet = space name.

Is that possible ?

I think the Excel.Write node will create a worksheet by the name given if it does not exist. Have you tried that?


As Sean says, the Excel export will create a Sheet in the Excel file for you.

Instead of giving it 1 Sheet Name and a list with lists of data (Rows) you now have to give it a list of Sheet Names (Space Names) and a list of lists (by Space) of data (Rows).


Yes, I tried that and works fine except that I can’t keep the excel sheet format the same each time it create new sheet.
My goal is to extract data from Revit and export it to ready formatted excel sheet.
I was reading couple of articles about some packages like " bumblebee" and other have something like that, but I couldn’t figure out how it works and I was hopping someone used it before can show me example how that would be done.