Dynamo - Export to Excel

I’ve got a problem with exporting data to many Excel sheets.

I’m exporting data to empty Excel - where I would like to create 4 new sheets (directly using Dynamo). For some users of this script, it causes creating 4 new temporary Excel sheets instead of creating them inside this chosen one (they all pop up on display). Additionally, they are empty.

It works differently on different PCs. Did anyone meet something similar?

Can you post a sample graph so we can see how you have this configured?

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Here is example of generated Excels:

Now the main spreadsheet is not empty (but some users of the script get other results).

Here how it looks in Dynamo:

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Hi @Cinkov

try to put the sheet names into a list like i did it as shown in the attached screenshot. It worked out.

Sheet names are a list with 2 levels.

I have adjusted the script and look at what i have got after running it.




as you can see it does its job pretty well. The node with data contains 3 layers. The last layer represents a row and each element in there represents a column. You just need to adjust your data to this format.
I hope it works as you wanted.

Unfortunately, the script still produces empty Excels.

you want 4 sheetname but you only have 2 datasets
have you tried short combination on DataexportExcel node


Try a different node for export? Crumple exel nodes work great for me

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