Create Object directly into a room(all data imported from Excel)

Hi all, I am new at Revit and want to firstly thank everyone that contributed in creating all these awesome packages.

Im trying to create blocks and place them directly into the room.

on the excel sheet i have various parameters such as blocks size, ID and room name but no position coordinates.

from Revit i already placed rooms and obtained their point position.

How do i connect the parameter value to the points? Or is there another way to create mulitple items directly into the rooms.

Thank youuu


Try this for the creation of blocks part.

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Hi, thanks Renzo.
But doing that it creates only the blocks for the points linked to the Revit amount of rooms.
I have way more equipment per room, is there a way to move the item using one of their parameters?

Nevermind solved with Dictionary, thanks Renzo :slight_smile:

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Great! Please feel free to share your work so others can learn too! :slight_smile: