Create New Views by View Family Type and Levels

I am trying to create a graph that will allow me to create all the views for all the levels for a new project based on view family type. My template file has view family types created, but I am stuck at creating a way of creating all the views for selected types. I am thinking that there might be a solution using python, but I am not familiar with python. So far I am able to grab view family types and filter them base don some inputs, but the only nodes that I can find for creating views is for creating floor plans or ceiling plans by level.

Any help is appreciated.

in case you want to start with something, here is my current graph.1.3.4_CreateAllViews_GHT.dyn (21.2 KB)

hi @AWalshGHT,

Have a look at this thread:



Thank you for the response.

Since this morning, I was able to create multiple views the number of times required, but I am still having trouble changing the View Family Type after they are created. It doesn’t seem like the thread you linked solves this problem.

I found myself trying to chop up lists to match into the Change.Family Type node from Archi-Lab 2016.13.4.

Here is where I have gotten too now. This is rough, and it has many things that I was trying that are dead ends.1.3.4_CreateAllViews_Cycled.dyn (54.5 KB)

I should add that the Change.Family Type node keeps failing on me.

What’s the reasoning for using the View Type? To control View Templates?
Create all the views first and then assign the View Template or View Type.

That’s a good question.

I am currently using the view family types to rename any views that are created to match our current standard. I have another graph that copies the views family type name and appends it at the end of the view name while cleaning up the rest of the view name. for example, if the view family type is M_MECHANICAL FLOOR PLAN, the graph will trim off “M_” then append MECHANICAL FLOOR PLAN after the level the floor is referencing. thus the new floor plan view will be named something like FIRST LEVEL MECHANICAL FLOOR PLAN then SECOND LEVEL MECHANICAL FLOOR PLAN, and so on and so forth. It also helps us keep the view creation standard by automatically applying the correct view template instead of having to search for it and apply it separately.

So the only tedious step left in project creation is the actual creation of the views. Currently we would have to go to the view tab, select floor plan, then select the type we want to create. I am just trying to automate this step.

Python is your best bet as the ViewPlan creation method requires the View Type.
It’s pretty straightforward in terms of Python, bu if you’re unfamiliar I think you would still be able to create the plan and then change the View Type.

Thank you for the help.