Duplicate 3D view multiple times

Good Afternoon ,

I have seen a few feeds on similar issues however not really found what I’m looking for,

My goal is to create a number of views (3D and Plan) from and Excel. the plan views was simple using the image below…

however trying to create a 110 3D views automatically seems to be more difficult

any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated.


What do the views need to display? Specific levels? Or is it simply 110 3d views? Perspective or ortho views?

Simply just the views would be a massive help. Ortho would be best…

Do you think it’s possible?

Thanks for your help!

And for naming? From excel?

From excel.

Very possible with clockwork :slight_smile:



And graph
3dViewsFromExcel.dyn (7.8 KB)



I overlooked that node! :nerd:

The only issue I see, is all of the views are locked.

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