Create mep spaces

hello all.
I’m working on script that can create spaces for mep model.
and i found a problem that when i create spaces it put it smaller than i want and doesnt contain all elements in it and o think that if create spaces using boundaries of the room that will i dont know if that right or not ?
and room.boundaries give me null and i read that happens due to nested links and i check the arch link and i remove all links from it and still the same problem

can anyone help me in this ??

Hi @fares.tolbaTZUDN probably something could help

or ootb

And be sure you have set roombounding on your link

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Hola Amigos buenas. Amigo @fares.tolbaTZUDN the comand for create spaces automaticly is not working in your revit or you need make something more specilized?

i know that but when i do this spaces dont matches with room boundaries and height it create small box in the centre and it doesnt contain elements
do you understand me ?

i think so…and you are sure you have rrombounding on your link

whats happend if you do it manully as Gilberto suggest


i`m sure that rooms not bounded :smiley: