Revit MEP Spaces

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A question for MEP experts. I have done a fair bit of research into the creation of Revit MEP Spaces from a Linked Architectural Model where Room Boundary and Level can be extracted. The Main issue is that I do not really have any idea if a space can be created by a Boundary and Level.

I have seen that spaces can be created from points and levels but this will not have the same boundary as the original room.

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a space from a boundary and level?

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If you don’t have any boundary elements already placed ( walls, etc), you would need to create some first. You could place some separators with clockwork’s “SpaceSeparator.FromCurve” node. Then you could check the package manager for nodes that can place spaces. For example:

DynamoMep will provide a few alternative approaches but they’ll generally be limited to what’s exposed in the API:

And that means you’ll generally need to feed in a level and a UV point (like for example the centre of your boundary curves or the location point of the architectural rooms).

Hi Dimitar,

Thanks for the reply. I was being a little silly in that I have retrieved the room locationpoint from a linked Revit model, created a point but had not switched on the Room Bounding option for the linked file!

This caused the spaces to not detect the boundaries.

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Hi guys,

Did anyone successfully use the node “Sace.ByPointAndLevel”?

I can’t make it work. I always get the message that the operation failed.


Tracing from the original post here, anyone know if DynamoMEP has a CustomSpace.FromElement Node, or if the CustomRoom.FromElement could be adapted to take a Space as an input?