Create Mass from Area in Excel

I created this dyn file but it seems to be too big/ long. Is there anyway to make it smaller?
(I’m not sure of the correct terminology, sorry)

It takes a value from excel and creates a mass, and when I want to add additional rows to excel I have to increase the dyn file, which I’m ok with just thinking it could be streamlined.

Any help in making this dyn file correct or just easier to give to someone to quickly add rows/ masses would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jason

3Masses_from Excel.dyn (30.0 KB)

3Masses from Excel.xlsx (8.0 KB)

You should have a look at the Transpose node. It would save you a lot of trouble…

Thanks. I’ll post results.

This is where I am at… I want to space out the rectangles in X axis depending on the width of the one before it plus a 2’ space until the next one starts, kind of multiple translations with equal spacing between, but cant figure out how to list the widths so the next rectangle starts where I want it. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Try the following:

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There are several packages that have Mass Addition nodes - that would be another alternative for creating the placement coordinates with a constant margin between them.

Thanks, Works perfectly!

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Hi Jason,
Could you please post what your finished graph looks like?

Luck is on your side…


Indeed Jason!
Thank you!

Is there any updates for this? can you post the updated req. files?

For some reason it wont create the geometry in rvt