Create group by Ids, it works - BUT?


I create a group by Ids! It worked well but for any reason my groups are duplicated how can i avoid that?

variation with selecting

when i duplicate the group manualy it is not possible to have the same group naming, so is this a bugg!?

i want 5x “Gruppe 1” and Ids have to remain!

group 1 is already existing in the browser and it should remain unique there, how can i deal with that issue?



Hi Andreas,

It’s not explicitly clear what your end goal is. Do you want to create Gruppe 1 with the list of elements and then place that group 5 times?

Or do you want to place 5 individual groups all with the same elements within but with different names i.e Gruppe 1, Gruppe 2 Gruppe 3 etc…?

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… i accidently ungrouped my 5 groups!

I just want to have the same 5 groups with the same IDs, as before:

5 times placed “Gruppe 1”!

I hope you can follow me! I think it is simple - and the task worked in dynamo almost well,
the only thing is when i create these 5 groups one by one i have in the browser 5 types with the same Name! - thats wrong ( a bug)

There should be one type in the browser and 5 groups (instances) with the same name in the project!



Projekt10.rvt (1.7 MB) creategroup.dyn (27.5 KB)

Ok, so the reason it is creating 5 groups is because you’re using the ‘Group.From.Elements’ node 5 times and feeding it 5 lists of elements.

If you want to create that group and then place it 4 more times it would be best to use only 1 Group.From.Elements’ node and then place the group 4 times using 'GroupType.Place which is in the Orchid package.

The current problem with the method I have shown is origin definition for placing the groups. Creating a group places the origin at the centre of the elements. So you then need to place the following groups based on that known difference (not like I have) but will leave that for you to work out.

This method ensures there is only 1 instance of the group in the browser.

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… i will rebuild your node an check out!

I have to aviod placing new groups. I have to use the placed elements. and to make it to an existing group.

In your example so far as i understand you create new elements! or do you catch elements by there location ?

In my example it is almost like i would do “STRG+Z” to get to my original groups an unique ids

Why i so insist on that is, to all that elements are linked dimensions and tags. By creating new ones i would lose them

I tested it! it is not the topic becaue each element is already there and on his right place and with his right Id… … i have just to regroup them nothing else!

My script is doing it!, but for any reason it duplicates each instance to the same typname… …I can`t understand this, because it visually all correct. It discripethe situation like before:

Thats what i am looking for :slight_smile:
…maybe i repost to developer, because it looks possible

Can i Say is instance instead of type? i think thats it!

Hi - I was understanding you incorrectly earlier I thought you wanted to place a duplication from one original group.

It is not possible within the logic of groups to create 5 different groups with the same name but different items contained within.

If you want independent ‘instances’ of each group they will have to have different names and therefore be different groups.

Simply change the groupname input to be Gruppe 2,Gruppe 3 etc and it will create independent groups.

I do not create 5 different groups! i need 5 GroupInstances from 1 Grouptype!
like it was before ungrouping it.

i can do that what you mean and after that exchange the groups all to “Gruppe 1” but i tested it i will lose my Elements and ids that are already there!

i will try it via Python!

I know what you mean, i create not a new project. i have to do some kind of rollback without doing one.
or Can i exchange Ids? or they so hardcoded that there is no chance



Hi Andreas,

Is there a problem with making unique groups for the ungrouped elements and then changing their group type to the one you want? Or would you lose information? Or drop dimensions?



the most crucial point is: I don`t want a new GroupType I want a GroupInstance!

even in the python script i can see it generate a NewGroup instad of a NewInstance
I don`t know how to edit it.

KR Andreas


i tested it i will lose my Elements and ids that are already there!

Sadly this is how it is, I don’t think what you want is possible (I hope I am wrong)

There isn’t a way of ‘regrouping’ as you need it to…

All you can do is place new instances of the ‘group 1’ and take whatever information you need from the old elements to the new elements…

Is there particular information which needs to be taken from the old elements to the new ones?



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instances are all there even i can get the location of the “old” group!

i want that this new Instance takes the old elements. The ids are the most importent part! I have all puzzle-pices infront of me.

I hope it will work! I am suprised that i am the only one how has that problem!

Because that can happend at any time lose data, and recognise it too late!

I don’t think you can keep the old elements in a new instance of a new group :frowning:

Can you push the old IDs into the new elements with a new parameter if you need to reference them elsewhere?

To be sure, you could ask in the Revit API forum whether it is possible? We can always help you reconstruct their suggestion in Dynamo with Python…



I like the challange! My hope is right now “Gruppe 1” (type) duplicates itself by each instance and that is a bug!
Maybe i can create my own bug! :slight_smile:

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