Copy pasting a group for a defined number of times in the same coordinates

Hi all,

I am working on a dynamo program where I need to copy paste groups.
Prior to this program I have created a group in Revit project and positioned one instance of the group in a coordinate.

I will state how I require the program to do the execution.

  1. Refer an existing element/group by its name.
  2. A node that should have two inputs
    • The group to be copied
    • The count/ No. of times the element/group has to be copy pasted.
    • The coordinates at which the group/element has to be pasted.
  3. The groups can be copied and pasted in the same position as I am going to execute the program keeping the element ID only.

Can anyone suggest how I should start regarding this? Is there a node available to execute it?

Thanks in advance.


This will get you the first point and help you start, but from there you will have to try it out and put some effort in. If you get stuck, come back and we can help you.

You don’t need to copy paste - just create a new instance the set number of times.

Can I ask why you want the same thing in the same place many times?

Thanks for your reply. I am actually placing group in a particular point. I tried to place the group in different coordinates but it did not work. Then I tried to move an existing group to a new location. This works fine and now I have to place the group several times as per the count.

Copy paste doesn’t really scale well - you may get the wrong group copied.

Can you upload your previous attempt and a sample Revit file?

Hi I cam trying to create multiple instances but from a revit link, do you think that this is possible, so far i am struggling to develop a working script. Trying to utilise the API code below.


Thanks :slight_smile: