Hello everyone, I have a big problem today.
I would like to make the “Create.FromCurvesAndShape” node of the Structural Design package work. Unfortunately, the latter does not work as I would like.
I would like to apply this node to create Cerces on a pile (or round post) with shape 75 of the RVT base families (image 1). But the node does not work with any curve. A circle doesn’t work, an arc doesn’t work, and 2 arcs don’t work (the family of the rebar shape I want to use is composed of 2 arcs). With this node, no bar was created. (Image 2).
At first I had used the “Create.FromCurve” node which generated bars but with wrong shapes. I got a ring that did not close on itself (picture 3)
My questions are the following:

  • How to use the Create.FromCurvesAndShape node with shape #75?
  • How to generate an overlapping ring without the Create.FromCurvesAndShape node?

Thanks for all,
Alexis M.

give it a try!

Good morning.
If you need to create a circular stirrup… well, the solution is to create a square stirrup and then replace it with the type of circular stirrup you have in the image.