Round (circle) stirrup rebar (gap error)

Hi everyone

Look I have the following issue.

I need to model round stirrups for piles rebar but using the ByCurve from the DynamoRebar package in a round closed curved, the modeled stirrups has a gap of 36 degrees. I cannot use Extend.End because it doesn’t allow a single overlapping sketch lines.

I can divide the curve and then overlap but at the end creates double stirrup, one per each divided part of the sketch.

How can I create a single overlapping round stirrup.

I’m somewhat a begginer so sorry if something is lacking or unclear.


Why don’t you use the rebar nodes check this

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Well I have the rebar nodes…I have DynamoRebar and BIM4Struc but I don’t see any node in there that help me to create a round overlapping stirrup…or I don’t know how to use it.


Did you figure out a workaround? I am working on overlapping round-bars now