Error generating rebar along layout node

In sequence to my previous issue with creating rebar by the shape desired, I and trying to create rebar distribution by maximum spacing - using the “Structural Design” package node.
I am feeding in the required data and I am getting an error which I do not understand what is wrong…

Does anyone know how to solve this issue?

Attached is the Dynamo code

Hi @zvith,

rn you get 4 single Rebars out of the Create.FromCurve. Do you want that? If yes, then you need to be careful that the normal vector of all 4 single rebars is the same ( required input in that node).

If no, then change the lacing of the input CURVE from Create.FromCurve

I want to create a stirrup which should give me a closed rebar. There is a video that I am following that shows exactly the input and code which I followed therefore it should work.

Attached is the video.

Try those 3 nodes between PolyCurve.Curves and Create.FromCurves

I’ve done it but still the same result - creates 4 different bars in the plane instead of one closed stirrup.

Then probably the order of the Polycurves is messed.

dynamoforumrebar.dyn (26.7 KB)

You need to be careful. The 4 lines defining your shape need to be in a plane and the vector needs to be exactly 100% normal to that plane.

The four lines is an offset of the face perimeter. The vector is composed of two points along the columns edge curve… I have now idea why the program is splitting the line into four separate lines…

i think the offset is in the wrong direction - up and down and not inwards.

Ok I found the problem - had to choose the “Create.FormCurves” (plural) - that solved the problem!

Thanks for the help!