Creating rebar for rectangular stirrup (rectangle curve) and receiving 4 separate rebars... Can anybody help me out?

Hello everyone!
I am structural engineer and new to dynamo, and I am trying to make my work more efficient by learning how to automate the rebar design based on dynamo algorithms.
I am trying to create a stirrup for a column (just for practice) and am following a great example vid on youtube.
I am using the structural design package and the “Create.from curve” rebar node in order to create a stirrup based on a rectangle shape. I manage to get everything right but the rebar the is created on revit are 4 seperate U shaped rebars on each side instead of 1 rectangle stirrup.

Has anybody came across this issue or just knows how to fix it?

Attached is the Dynamo algorithm and a pic of the created rebar shape.

Here is the pic of the rebar created in revit. You can see that it creates four separate rebar shapes (one for each curve of the rectangle curve I fed the node).


You need to connect your curve as polycurve (rectangle) without exploding the polycurve into 4 curves, just remove polycurve.curves node

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