Pushing Data from Excel into New Family Type Parameters

I’ve been successful in getting 3 lists from columns in Excel which correspond to type parameters in a Family document.

I used insight from this thread ( Create family "type name" and add parameters value for each type name from excel ) to get the gist of it, but it uses the Orchid package and some of the nodes have changed and no longer have the same output types. That is some of my problem. For example, the script from that thread gets a document object back from the FamilyDocument.AllFamilyType node and can then pass that to the Document.close node. I’m not sure how to do that with what I have.

The big issue right now, though, is that my script creates about 10 types in the family document, but the values in the parameters are not correct (it uses the values from the first index in the lists for all of them). It should also be creating 60 types, not just 10.

What am I missing?