Create Excel Sheet of Shared Parameters sorted by Shared Parameter Group- Help out an intern!

Hello. I am an engineering intern who found out about Dynamo only a couple of weeks ago, so please forgive my lack of knowledge.

We have created shared parameters, and these shared parameters are sorted in different “Groups.”

My boss wants an excel sheet of each shared parameter group and its shared parameters.

This is what I have done so far:

(this gave me an excel file with all the schedule titles in the left column and all of the shared parameters in the right column)

This is what I need: individual excel sheets for each shared parameter group (schedule) with the shared parameters in another column.

I’m sorry if I explained everything wrong. I’m trying my best. Any advice on how to phrase my question better would be helpful.


Start here

Excel first try:

I’m not sure if I am fully understanding what you are looking for but I think I might - do you mean that you want individual Excel sheets for each schedule, and each sheet has a column populated with the shared parameters that are in the schedule?

I was thinking thats what he meant but I was not sure. If it is I think the unique keys can be plugged in for Sheet name and groups into data and it should work.

If it all should be in one sheet then what I have above should do it. Might need to be transposed (I always get that mixed up).

@Steven Group by Key wouldn’t work because right now the graph that @ksuszko2005 is showing is just creating a list of the schedules and a list of the shared parameters in the document.

If the goal is to get lists of the Shared Parameters in each schedule one would need to:

  1. Collect Schedule Views and Collect Shared Parameter Elements
  2. Get the names of the Schedule fields in each schedule and turn into string
  3. Find occurrences of schedule field names in names of Shared Parameter Elements


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! I apologize for my lack of reference photos and correct terminology. I attempted to post multiple photos (including an excel sheet of what I wanted) and since I’m a “new member” I could not.


since I’m a “new member” I could not

You still can use Dropbox or similar, or try to fulfill the requirements mentioned on this page

Actually… I was a tad too optimistic. I have tried the code several times and I haven’t been able to get it to work. It does load excel sheets for all of my schedules, but each of the sheets are blank. I need to get the schedule name in one column, and the shared parameters in that schedule in another column. (or have the first row being the schedule name). For example, I have 96 schedules in a blank project (almost like a template), each with a name and several shared parameters. The schedule names are listed under “View Name” in Identity Data. I’m having trouble understanding how to filter each schedule to show the shared parameters in only that schedule.

This is what I want the excel sheet to look like:

The HEATING & VENTILATION UNIT SCHEDULE- 238223-1 is the view name of the schedule, and the "Heat & Vent Unit- " are the shared parameters in the schedule. I don’t want their data, only their names for quality control.


The graph I shared with you should populate each sheet (per schedule) with the shared parameters belonging to that schedule, and the schedule name would be the header rather than in a separate column like you desire - I didn’t test out making it one column with the schedule name and the other with that schedule’s shared parameters, but either way, if you ran the graph and your excel doc was empty, it sounds like either your schedules do not have shared parameters or something in your graph didn’t work right, could you upload a screen capture of the graph you ran? :slight_smile:

I think I know where the issue is. I’m probably missing something obvious.

I’m not sure what to do for this part “If Equal Return Index.” Also, having the schedule name as a header works fine as well!.

Ok so I’ve been playing around some more, and it seems like the “If Equal Return Index” is the issue. Am I using the wrong node? What should I do to “update” it? I have all of my schedules and their shared parameters and all of the shared parameters. Thanks so much for the help!

You’re close! I believe you just need to adjust the levels on the listA input for IfEqualReturnIndex to @L2 :slight_smile: Here is information about List@Level:

It works! Thank you so much for all of the help.

Hi, @ksuszko2005

As an alternative you could open the Shared Parameter file in excel and use a pivot table.