Create elevation view from elevation mark

Dear Dynamo Specialists,

I would like to automate the “Show Arrow” on different orientations to create an elevation view from a empty elevation?

Can anyone help me?


It is possible to automate the placement of elevation markers and ‘tick’ the relevant elevation view you wish to create on that marker yes. Take a look at the Rhythm pacakage and see my screenshot below.

  1. Create the Dynamo Point at which you wish to place the elevation marker.
  2. Create the elevation marker.
  3. Tell the elevation marker which index (which view on the marker) to switch on. I did 1…4 because I wanted all 4. You can feed it any number of combination between 1-4. I think it is clockwise in placement but cant remeber so test it out.

Obviously if you have the elevation marker already then skip steps 1-2. But it would seem a bit redundant to only be scripting the creation of elevation views on an existing marker.

Hope the above helps (custom packages required indicated in notes above nodes).

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Thanks!!! It is working!

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Glad to hear it - If you could please mark my response as the solution so the post is closed that would be great :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I was also trying to do the same thing but I couldn’t make it work. I am not sure what I am missing…

and it gives me this warning message below:

“*Warning: ElevationMarker.CreateElevationByMarkerIndex operation failed. *
The ElementId viewPlanId does not correspond to a ViewPlan.
Parameter name: viewPlanId

Thank you in advance!