Duplicate w/ Detailing Elevation Marker and Views

I’ve seen a number of posts describing how to create a new Elevation Marker and Elevation views, but I’m wondering if it is possible to copy an existing elevation marker, duplicate the views with detailing and have them all associated with the newly created elevation marker?

I duplicated the views using Dynamo, but just as in Revit, it created four new Elevation markers, each with a single Elevation associated with it. I don’t see any parameter associating the elevation view back to a marker where I might be able to duplicate the views and then “reassign” them to a single marker. I see things in the Revit API docs like IsAvailableIndex, HasElevations that suggest it would be possible to see if spots are available (even though I don’t know how to take advantage of them).

Anyone have any initial thoughts on whether this could even be accomplished?