Create double curved ceiling from Revit geometry

Hi All
i’m to create a double curved ceiling in Revit. the ceiling is following the curves of the landscape, and since ceilings in Revit doesn’t allow slopes or curves, I’ve created a “placeholder geometry” for the ceiling as a floor. now i am trying to create a pattern of 1250x1250mm panels that are plain, none curved, the can adapt to the placeholder geometry in order to form the curve of the ceiling.

my challenges is to get the floor from Revit geometry, into Dynamo and create a solid or a surface that can serve as a host for a mass curtain system or adaptive components back i revit.

does anyone have and idea on how to approach this challenge?

I’ve tried to export as a SAT-file but the geometry keeps the triangulates from the floor geometry. my thoughts are that i might need a way to smoothing the geometry or remove the mesh of triangulates, but stil keep the edges of it