Create dimensions

Thank you for your help.
Can I use Dynamo to create dimensions on wall layers?

Wall_Test_01.dyn (22.3 KB)

You can try with something like this, a couple of nodes are from Clockwork package:


lucamanzoni san

Thank you for your consideration.
I was able to create dimensions well for me.

An error occurred because Clockwork Wall.Orientation node outputs Revit XYZ, but it was fixed with reference to the following forum.


Wall_Layer_Dimension_01.dyn (31.2 KB)

I am sorry for my lack of explanation, but is it possible to create dimensions without using model lines or detail lines?

Ideally you should be able to create dimensions only with wall elements.

Thank you.

Sadly that node works only with few objects, as far as I know only with model lines.
You can use some Python methods, I did something similar here:

If you have knowledge of Python you can give a try, but I cannot help you before next monday.

lucamanzoni san

I am grateful for your cooperation.
Python is a beginner, but I created Dynamo with reference to the topic I gave you.
I was able to create dimensions of wall width and thickness, but it is stalled because I can not get the reference surface of the layer.

Wall_Layer_Dimension_02.dyn (8.6 KB)

I’d appreciate it if you can give us advice on how to get the reference surface of the layer in Python.
You can provide me with the answers whenever you like or can.

Thank you.


This is such a great idea, I’d love to get it working in legends :slight_smile:

Something which might be important is here…

Looking up face references is something I can’t find in the api , walls have ‘lookup’, faces have references, but i don’t know how you extrapolate this to ‘lookup’ references from sub-surfaces…

Hope that’s useful,


EDIT: This was my attempt to dimension walls