Create Dimensions in family

I’m trying to create dimensions in a family. When I try I get this error that appears to say it will only work in a project environment. Is there a node for families I can use. I’ve tried searching for it but Dynamo search is garbage.

Dim Family 01

Pretty sure the search isn’t getting you what you want because it doesn’t exist. Family document context isn’t really exposed with out of the box nodes. Genius Loci night work but I believe it uses the same methods.

The Genius Loci doesn’t through up a warning but it also doesn’t seem to do anything.

Likely doesn’t have a method for exception handling and just passes a null. In any case since you know it doesn’t work you’ll have to come up with a custom solution here.


I’ve updated the Dimension ByReferences node and it now works in the family editor.


Thanks a lot, i going tot user it.