Add Auto Dimension at project based on reference get from line inside the family Problem

Dear All

I try to add Auto dimention inside the project
1- I Add to model line insude the family and defienf Subcategory (T1 or T2) for these lines

Projekt1.rvt (3.0 MB)


2- get referance od these line by using

these node from my packge get the geometry and the plane for any family geomentry

3- use GeneiusLci Pakege @Alban_de_Chasteigner lban_de_Chasteigner to add Dimension by Reference. It generate Dimension but i can not see it and when i use Dimension Properties from the same Pakege i found the Dimension curve at the location based on the family coordinate system insted project coordinate system

Home.dyn (39.2 KB)
Projekt1.rvt (3.0 MB)


Hi @RMohareb,

I would like to know which package contains the “RevitUtils.Get_Geo_BySubcategory” node.

Hi @MJB-online
BriMohareb_2023 package


what type of dimension do you need? linear or angular etc.

You are missing two inputs at the genius loci node. Shouldn’t you select a suitable view for placing the dimension line?

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Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus
I need line dimensions

I try with section and plan. On both case the dimension is created but not visible and when use node to get property od the dimension it show the dimensions is in the location of the line based on the family coordinate system or project

The genius loci node measures from the first to the second reference. Then it needs the (auxiliary) line (and a suitable view) for placing the dimension line.

Hi @RMohareb , I was having the same issue in a section view trying to create a dimension from a subcategory line. The script said the dimension was created but it was not visible.

Did you get to fix this?


Yes, use brimohareb version 6 @JMCiller