Array along spline - Problem with 2D families


We have a script for placing families along a spline in Revit. But this one only works for some of our families.
In our case we want to use it for placing 2D detail items and similar families but they never show up.

Any idea how to solve it?
Also, does anyone know a way to rotate the families so that they face the direction of the line? (like people standing in a line)

Thanks in advance!

Type “rotate instance” in the search field, this issue has been addressed several times, you should find different solutions.

placing 2D detail items and similar families

They could need a host, a face or a specific view, try to type “family instance” in the dictionary:
Or take a look at this site for related custom nodes:

I’m new at this so I’m afraid that that won’t help me that much. I can’t figure out how to place my 2D-families along the path searching the
I think that I would need to look at a script that places 2D families to figure out how I can use it in this situation.

Could you elaborate a little? What kind of 2D families is it?

Thanks for helping out by the way! Appreciated.
In this case it’s detail items showing a person from above (guess we can draw it as a generic model though, if necessary). We want to create people in line and check how many we get using different values between each person. The queues are splines.

Some quick pictures (sink will be people facing line):

People in line

Example dynamo

Which family template did you use to create that family?

We used “Metric Detail Item”

In this case, it should work with FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel, see here how it works:
Note: It will probably be visible only in a current plan view

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