Create cubes in Revit through Dynamo

I’m having trouble with some codes i did. The objective is to “automatic” create cubes in Revit that represents buildings at a certain place. My code creates them well, but when i close dynamo the cubes disapears, how can i make the cubes visible even after i close Dynamo? I’m not using transactions, btw.
Bellow you can see my script(there’s more codes, but this is the principal).

This is only creating Dynamo elements, which are showing as ‘previews’ of the geometry in the Revit environment. You need to create a family or families from the objects to have them exist after you close our Dynamo. Look into the springs package, familyinstance.bygeometry or similar.

If it‘s just cubes, why not use a parametric family instead. It‘ll give you a lot more control over your finished product in Revit (think categories & parameters).