When dynamo is closed the project is empty

I am using Dynamo 2.5.0. when I press Run to see the code in Revit project I see the elements.
After closing Dynamo the elements disappear from the Revit project.
What should I do in order to see the elements after closing Dynamo?

There are dynamo nodes to translate the dynamo into Revit.

FamilyInstance.ByPointAndLevel for example.


Thank you for your reply.
This sample worked out but when I create a twisted tower, the tower disappears from the Revit project after closing Dynamo.

Sorry, I am not allowed to attach file so I senf a link to what I have done:

Try that.

Thank you.
It worked out but it is passed to Revit as a symbol. The levels that were created on Dynamo are not visible and I can not add walls. Can I import this as a conceptual mass?

Try running the script in the create conceptual massing modelling environment.

Thank you.
It worked out. I can add walls and window but roof or floors.
Should I add some nodes in Dynamo?