Civil 3D Dynamo Functions

Hi there, new user here.

I’ve been looking up information about Dynamo looking to learn how to use as I see the potential. Right now I’m trying to create a script that allows me to create a defined number of Offset Alignments based on the centerline alignments I pick.

Is there a way to execute Civil 3D commands from within Dynamo? I browsed through the predefined nodes but I didn’t find what I was looking for, I saw that one can create custom nodes, however it would be better if I could know if its even possible to begin with.


Currently, there isn’t a node to create an offset alignment. Autodesk is working on developing more nodes, but I’m not sure if offset alignment is one of them. If you are familiar with Python, it should be possible to accomplish your goal using the .NET Alignment.CreateOffsetAlignment method in a Python node for Dynamo.

Is there any online help for achieving this? I’ve been looking for information but all I find is either for Revit or for writing C# nodes in Visual Studio.

There isn’t much out there that I’m aware of.

@jesusmaria890 here is an example in Python

OffsetAlignment.dyn (8.5 KB)


Thank you very much! I’ll try to figure out how to add something to the code to be able to also specify a list with the alignment names for each of the offsets.

This helps a lot!

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