Revit - Set Tag Type

I’ve got a simple Dynamo routine that will tag specific families in a view. Before the tag is placed I’d like to set the Tag family and type – is that possible? Here is my working code – this works, I’d just like to add the option to set the tag type.

Thank you, Ann

Hi Ann,

There is a custom node CreateAnnotationTag from archi-lab package. You can use to set location of the tag.

I did try that, but it is for Dynamo V.0.6 and does not work in my current version 1.2.

Thanks for quick reply!

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This is the warning I get.


@Kulkul, @ann.laughlin requested the ability to set tag type rather than location

@ann.laughlin, this will do it.

and a GIF of it in action.


Thank you! Let me try that.


The archi-lab node @Kulkul suggested allows setting the tag type directly. I wonder why they forgot to include that in the built-in node…


That is interesting! It would be very useful…

This worked. Brilliant, thank you. I had tried this before, but did not understand that the parameter name needed to be “Family and Type”. duh.

Thank you…

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Is anyone else having trouble with Code Block? Since I upgraded to 1.2 a couple of days ago, Code block will not take input. Is there a mystery setting?

Nevermind… restarting everything corrected the Code Block errors I was seeing. Thanks, everyone for your thoughts. It was helpful.