Create Annotation Tag not tagging all elements


I have no idea why this is not working…looks to only be doing the first in the list??


Hi @AdamHamilton

Try to use @List levels for “TagLocation” & “Elements” input. To know more about List Level visit


same effect.


Use Flatten after Point and elements list.


so I am trying to do a tag all not tagged in views on sheet of a certain series. the lists are separated by view and the rooms and locations per view.

0 is Level 01 with the rooms and points on level 01 - 1 is Level 02 with the rooms and points on Level 02



Hold on i am on my pc now i will help you out in few minutes.


I got the single view version to work by cycling the views to match inputs.




magic man!


:slight_smile: Please mark the post as solved. You’re welcome!