Create a void in seating bowl

Hey guys, I’ve a problem with the creation void in revit family. I don’t understand why is not possible to create a void for the vomitories in a family create with dynamo script.

Does your Void already exist in Revit? You’ll probably have to Cut Geometry once the bowl has been created.
But if you’re creating the bowl in Dynamo why not include the voms in the bowl geometry before importing it to Revit?

I think that I don’t have the skills for create vomitories in dynamo, there are different cuts that I want to make. I want to understand how to define a solid to manage after. In my opinion is possible cut somehow the object created in dynamo, but I don’t know…maybe I created the bad script.

Your Revit void just looks like a rectangular opening in the bowl; this could easily be done in Dynamo. However, if your vom openings are more complicated I understand. At the very least you should be able to use the Void geometry from Revit as the cutting solid in your Dynamo bowl.

I tried to use the void extrusion but how to you see in the picture the bowl remains intact. I tried to create a rectangular solid and to use cut but I don’t have the possinility to select the bowl. Thanks for the patience!

It might not be possible to cut an imported geometry. I’m suggesting you cut out the voms in Dynamo before even importing the DirectShape. That way the openings are already a part of the bowl geometry.

Something like this…

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If you modeled a geometry from scratch, and tried to cut a loadable family, it wouldn’t work that way either. Dynamo only allows us to do things to Revit objects which Revit can do (with a few exceptions). You’d have to edit the families in the family editor, which may not be possible depending on how they were built (nested families hurt you here).

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Thank you Nick, it’s a grat cue. I will try to follow your advice to cut on dynamo and see if I can adapt it to my case!