Create a table object in AutoCAD using the program Dynamo

Good day!
It is possible to implement functionality “create a table object in AutoCAD” and insertion into the bottom of the data?
This is very necessary for all users!


I have never tried using Dynamo Sandbox with Autocad. But this link - could be a good start for testing it out.

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There are a couple of packages which integrate Dynamo with AutoCAD. As far as I’m aware, they bring AutoCAD into Revit, but you should be able to utilise their methods to generate geometry in AutoCAD. If you look at LinkDWG you’ll see that it often background opens AutoCAD and runs Commands and LISP.

Here is an example of me writing my own code, LinkDWG have since added this functionality to their package…

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Check out this AU class. The presenter has published custom nodes and shared his source code for creating AutoCAD tables in Dynamo on github.


See Civil 3D Toolkit v1.1.10

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I am getting credit for the solution here, but the credit should go to @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 for his work on the Toolkit.

For other users reading this post, go to this thread to get the latest updates for the Toolkit.