Autocad Dynamo

Why isn’t there something like a dynamo for Autocad

Dynamo can technically talk to AutoCAD but requires indirect methods in order to do so. AutoCAD has methods like lisp/vlx routines that can create programs/functions, although I don’t see many people producing them anymore.

There is a thread here which shows how to point to AutoCAD using Dynamo Sandbox (which I assume it can still do):

I would say there isn’t a builtin version as the demand hasn’t been there to the point where a community was willing to build upon it (remember Dynamo is technically open source), and computation usually has more to give in 3D based environments than 2D focused ones. Computation also thrives on data focused environments, and most people I’ve worked with don’t explore data in AutoCAD too far beyond layer selection.

(whispering: AutoCAD is 3D… people just don’t use it that way. :slight_smile:)

You can also use Dynamo for Civil 3D to interact with DWGs. Worth reviewing if you have the option of using C3D instead of AutoCAD (many people do thanks to collections).