Create a single sheet using loaded family


I am trying to load a title block family into a project, and use that family to create a sheet as model disclaimer. Not sure what i have done wrong in this workflow, I am guessing its missing a step to convert family types to a single family type? See image below


Hi, I cannot solve the problem at the moment but you can use Sheet.Create from Rhythm packages and rename the new sheets manually

Can you unfold the yellow errormessage? :slight_smile:

The problem was the sheetNumber input, it has to be a string. Also I needed to use Transaction, but now it works fine.


Hi Lucamanzoni,

Thanks for getting back to me. The string bit totally makes sense now.
Can you explain why there is a need to use transaction in this instance?


I have to admit I’m not 100% sure, I think it’s because you are trying to create a new sheet with a title block that is loaded at the same time with the same graph, it’s not yet in the project.

Simplifing, it should be:
A) Load Titleblock
B) “Write” to Revit
C) Use Titleblock in project to create Sheet
D) “Write” to Revit

But with that graph it was like:
A) Load Titleblock
B) Create Sheet
C) “Write” to Revit
So of course task (B) cannot be done before task (A) is completed. But I might be completely wrong.

By the way I used it because the code block was showing error: "Modifying is forbidden because document has no open transaction "

Thanks for explaining it. Based on the workflow you have described, theoretically wouldn’t the transaction end node be placed after list.getitematindex so that creating sheet becomes a new independent transaction?

Yes I think you are right, I never needed those nodes before, so I tested with beginning and end. It worked, so I posted it, with no further investigation.
I would like to know more, but at the moment I have no time, maybe someone with more experience in this topic can better explain.

Appreciate your time.
I guess I will do some more testing on the file and see how that goes.