Create a quantity take off for Revit MEP


I’m a complete new starter in Dynamo and i’m struggling with following problem :

I am working on a table (quantity take off) with the quantity of air terminals in each room.

I made two rooms in Revit (kitchen and bedroom) and put some air terminals (familyname = “AT_wervelrooster 600x600” (= swirl diffusor in dutch")) The family has different types, according to the connection-diameter ( AT_wervelrooster 600x600_200, AT_wervelrooster 600x600_250, …)

The result is an excell sheet with the exact amount of air terminals of diameter 200 (AT_wervelrooster 600x600_200) for each room.

I managed to make this excel sheet for one “Family Type” (diam. 200). But now i’m struggling to make a table with the quantity of air terminals in each room, sorted by the connection diamter (200, 250, 315…)

So now I starded with a selection of all the air therminals, then sorted by diameter. Then I checked for each air terminal if theres is an intersection with a space. Again,the result is a list with “true” or “false” for each air terminal (but now with different diameters in one list).
At this point im stuck. Is there a way to make a list (after list Geometry.DoesIntersect) with a sum (for each room) off all air terminals of one type of diameter? Some Suggestions?

Thans in advance!

Below my attempt in Dynamo


Ok… step by step…

There are two spaces. In each space there are some air terminals (family.type = wervelrooster_315).
I’d like to make an excel table with some properties of each air terminale (flow, pressure drop,…but also the space where each air terminal is located).

Step 1 -> get the parameters like flow, pressure drop for each terminal

Step 2 ->get the space info for each air terminal.
In the package archilab i’ve found the node “Elements in Space” which gives for each space all the air terminals.

Next step? -> To assign a space to each air terminal. At this point I dont find a solution…
The result should be like the image below :

Thanks in advance!


You should be able to do this with an embedded schedule. No Dynamo needed.