Sending air terminal data from Revit to Excel through Dynamo

Hi all,

I’m using Dynamo to retrieve data about the number of supply, return, and extract air terminal types that I have placed in each space in my Revit model. I use the ElementInSpace node to retrieve the air terminals from the spaces. However I need to process the data to send it to Excel, where I will get a structure as:

Supply type - How many - Supply flow per terminal ll Return type - How many - Return flow per terminal and so…

The type parameter in the above structure is challenging, since in a given space there may be more than 1 type of air terminal. I just want the supply type used and then the amount in the “how many” cell in Excel.

Could someone help with this?

Can you provide a screen shot of what you have done up to this point? It might help others that are willing to provide some assistance.

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Also this is how I would like the data to be in Excel

What you’ll most likely need is to sort the terminals by System Classification somewhere in your workflow. After that you can just sum those values for the total flow per System Classification.
You’ll also probably need to convert the units returned by Dynamo to units you work with in Revit.

Hi Arbaz,

Below is an example of one space with one “System Classification”. Similarly you can create the rest. Good Luck!


Thanks! That is very cool.

However I need to create supply for more than one space, so how do I use the GroupByFunction in that regard? Also where do I find the Element.Type node?

I’m using Dynamo 1.0

Try to understand the workflow and do some work.Its good exercise you will learn how it works.

You will find it in “Rhythm Package” and also in “Clockwork” Package.



Is there a way to group by a condition? for instance group by which space the element lies in?

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Thanks so much!

Do you know how I can count the number of items in a nested list? And also if I can remove a duplicate in a nested list.
My script so far.

Set the lacing to longest or use the replicator guides.

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The finale issue that I cannot find a proper solution for is how to make a list that distinguish between when the air terminals are of same type and when there are of different type. Say for instance that in space 1 I have two air terminals one of type A and one of type B. So my list should count that I have 1 of type A and one of type B. Now if I on the other hand have the same space with two terminals both of type A my list should count that I have two of type A - is there a possible solution for this? My script so far is based on that I want the following finale list:

  • The space no. of where the air terminal is placed
  • The terminal type or name
  • The amount of the same type terminals in the same space
  • The flow per terminal

So the main issue is to make it bullet proof when there are different types in the same space and when there is more terminals of the same type in the same space.

The area of interest is the green:

As an alternate approach- I would suggest exporting the raw data to Excel (i.e without any grouping, counting, sorting) and then using a tool that has these in-built reporting functions.

For example, you could link the raw data into another Excel spreadsheet and use a pivottable, or link the raw data into Access and use a query/report.
There are obviously more sophisticated tools that this.