Get specific ceiling type where air terminals is placed


I am working on a HVAC project where i want to extract a list of Air Terminals with the specific ceiling type the Air terminal is placed in.

The ceilings is placed in a linked Architectural model, and the Air terminals is in my HVAC model.
There is like 10 different ceiling types where my air terminals need a specific design to fit in the ceiling grid.

The final result should be an excel spredsheet where all informations such as Unique ID, ceiling type, air terminal type is listed in or a simple Revit Schedule where the ceiling type is written into a String parameter on my Air Terminals.

Hi, could you describe your issue more specifically? Please see also these basic guidelines to make sure you can get an answer to any request:

Hey Yna_Db,

My post is almost as specified as i can atm.
I’ve tried different solutions but nothing with a result i can use.
The thing is, i need some inspiration to figure out how i can detect which Ceiling my Air Terminal is placed in and after that do one of two things;

  1. Create excel spredsheet from dynamo where all informations is listed.
    or 2. Grab the ceiling type and paste it into the specific Air Terminal on a String paramter in Revit.

So far i havent figured out how i can match ceiling types and air terminals at all in Revit or Dynamo.

Hope thats give you a better look into my problems :slight_smile:

Two possible workflows that come to mind:
1: You could try creating an interference check in Revit between air terminals and ceiling and then parse that information to get the ceiling information.

2: Do an intersection check in Dynamo of the 2 categories(with element.geometry or element.boundingbox) and work from there