Create a Generic Mass from Dimensions


Hi There,
First time poster long time reader.
Im trying to do something reasonably simple with the aim to build on complexity as my skills progress.
The goal is to create a generic (rectangular/box) mass from Length, Width & Height dimensions in Excel and place it at specific coordinates.
I need help with creating the rectangular component in revit.
So far I can create a cuboid but am stuck getting that into revit.
Is there a node that creates a rectangular component from a cuboid?

Thanks for the help in advance and be gentle.


Hi @CHazelton

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At First you need to read parameter values from excel -> use “Cuboid.ByLengths” node to create cuboid in Dynamo -> use “FamilyType,ByGeometry” node to create Family type in Revit and finally -> use “FamilyInstanceByType” node to place family in revit with specific coordinates. Here is process in action:


Great! Thanks Kulkul.


You’re welcome!