Is it possible to create anything in Revit using Dynamo?

I have a very simple question.

If I can create anything in dynamo, no matter how complex it is (like a geometry, solid, curve, shapes etc), then is it possible to take those things further in Revit as revit elements(mass, walls, floor, curtain walls, etc) ?


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Yes, of course. Besides, there isn’t just one way to do it. Will answer your question with an example. The images below show a mass generated in Dynamo that was developed further and rendered in Revit. Besides the mass/form being generated completely in Dynamo, the extent of the glazing too was determined in Dynamo based on solar insolation values. Potential and possibilities are limitless. View-Exterior1 View-Exterior2

Thanks guys for the reply. I was wondering if I have a shape from Rhino, is it possible to funnel it through Rhynamo - Dynamo to Revit as Mass?

Short answer - yes. Long answer - I’ve not done it but know it’s possible :smiley:

I tried doing it with no luck at all. All I can do is import Rhino Geometry as an instance :frowning:

Not familiar with Rhino to Revit workflows, but doesn’t importing a SAT file (exported from Rhino) into a Revit mass family work?

If it does, manipulating that mass with Dynamo could probably be the next step.

Found this, not sure if it’s still relevant:

try making a direct shape and setting the category to mass - this will tessellate the shape though currently, or you can try with the direct shape node in the package spring nodes by Dimeven

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I will try your inputs in my project.

@Vikram , looked into that but still not able to import as mass.

I repeat what I’ve just commented in another post: "I would wholeheartedly recommend Dimitar Venkov’s FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node from his spring nodes-package. this imports your dynamo geometry as a family instance in Revit. works like a charm even though it’s still in Beta."
Not editable as mass yet, though.

Thanks for the recommendation, Jostein :slight_smile:

If you use a mass template ( the default location is “%ProgramData%\Autodesk\RVT 2016\Family Templates\English\Conceptual Mass”) and a Mass category, you can create mass based walls and floors from some whacky geometry:












I just found out that mass families can not be cut with voids ( so sure that you could do that before, weird ), so you’ll have to pre-cut your geometry inside of Dynamo.

Also no guarantee that it will work for everything - I already managed to create a few empty families. :slight_smile:

Open a Revit Mass file and launch dynamo from there. In Dynamo use the following nodes…


Load the mass family into the Revit project file. You should be able to pick the faces and create building elements.

Thanks Jostein and Dimitar,

This is awesome. Exactly the thing that I was looking, many thanks :slight_smile:


@Vikram, i tried that but the problem with that is that it won’t allow me to generate mass floors.

JOSTEIN is it possible to add a picture , i tryed it but id did’nt worked.

im trying to make a catenary curve line using a catenay formula and i need to modify it in revit to make a roof profile uit of it.

is that possible?



Create your catenary line in the conceptual mass environment, make a copy of the line, select them both and click create form.

Save the family and load it in a project, use roof by face to create your roof.



Thank you Marcel i tried to make a copy but the line appear like a ghost i cant select it i can’t move i can’t do anything! it just appear as a shape !!

Do you have an idea how to make the catenary as a family without the dynamo?

i have tried to fill in the other form of the catenary’s formula : y=a/2(e^(x/2)+e^(-x/2))

but revit understand e as exp so i had to write as the following…


i feel that i’m too close but i still can not achieve my goal

i would be thankful if you can help me to make this family .

thank you

dimitar, is your node deprecated? i cannot find it in your package!

or is it only avvailable in mass enviroment?

Hi Peter,

It’s still there: SpringNodes>Revit>FamilyInstances>FamilyInstance.ByGeometry.
If it’s missing, you could try re-installing the package?

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Hi DIMITAR VENKOV i need to use the line in the attached file in revit, edit it, trim it use it as a roof to make roof by extrusion , i have used your nod but i’m still unable to do that.

looks like i didn’t understand the Dynamo well!.


Hi Mohamad,

The “FamilyInstance.ByGeometry” node works only with surfaces, polysurfaces and solids. So your first task will be to relocate the curve to where you want your roof to be and then extrude it to a surface. You can then send that over to your model as a new mass family instance.

This is my result with “Roof by Face” in Revit:

But the beauty of this node is that you can skip the above step and instead extrude your surface in Dynamo, then use the new instance directly as a roof: