Get an item by index from sublists

Hi, given a list of lists with six points each I want to:

  1. compute the longest distance of each of the six points from an arbitrary fixed point
  2. select from each group of six points the point with the longest distance calculated in 1.

So I can compute the distances, and use that to generate a list of indices, and then I’m trying to use List.Map to get the points out of the original list with List.GetItemAtIndex as the function. I finally (like three days) figured out a simple bit of code to do this (bottom right), but why isn’t the one line of code equivalent to the OOTB nodes?

Lacing problem? List.GetItemAtIndex instead iterates over every value of index and generates a list of lists with dimensions points x indices. Or is this what List@Level is supposed to be for?

Thank you for the help, I can’t believe I’ve been stuck on something so simple for so long.

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Start looking at this post: