Creat Pipe with offset from surface (from roof curved ore at slope)

Hello all,

I’m looking for a way to snap pipe whit a offset to that surface of that linked file (roof) now we do this all by hand. and as you can understand this takes ages. The problem is the slope in 2 directions. Better sugestions/input are very welkom!


Derection x

Derection y
X+Y toggeter result in a defracation at ery raken point

The problem seen in 3D (Red is piping going trough te roof)
As you can see by the V chape she lope gets bigger and than goes one at a surtan point all the same
I already dit one direction (Y) Manuela the hight the lope

Wished result
Took 5 hour manual :exploding_head:

Manny Tanks :smile: