Creat grid and renember from dwg

I am only a beginner on dynamo I tried to assemble this script to create grid from dwg s
![creat grid and reumber from dwg_|690x235]
ometimes it works and sometimes does not
[creat grid and reumber from dwg.dyn|attachment]
work I need help please

creat grid and reumber from dwg.dyn (41.7 KB)

Hi, @ouafek3d welcome them to the community!

what is the error shows?

you better share some of your inputs for investigation.

ok of course thank you
the grids are created but sometimes the appointments are reorganized the most by time no
creat grid and reumber from dwg.dyn (41.7 KB)

the fil
Plans BLOC S.dwg (130.0 KB)

For future reference, when you Export Workspace as Image, zoom in until you can see the node names (it is okay if you can’t see the whole graph, it will still come through). This way when you paste to the forums the node names will show up.

Can you paste what the yellow error is, as well as the outputs for both Grids.Renumber nodes? I don’t have the Prorubim package installed.

It is interesting that the string inputs supposedly work but the number inputs don’t… is the storage type for grids stringtext? Maybe try adding String From Object to your number list to convert it before feeding the list into the grid renumbering node.

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Yes - otherwise you wouldn’t be able to have 1, 2, 3 for grids on one axis and A, B, C for grids on the other. :slight_smile: