Renumber Grid - Override Chronology of Creation


Is it not possible to renumber grids based on their location? Even though I tried to organize the grid based on its location, the final value applied, is followed based on its creation chronology.

Any pointers would be helpful. I’ve also added the script I made here:

Renumber Grid.dyn (61.6 KB)

@Dynamo_Noob Can you please share a screenshot of how your grids look like? What result you end up getting? Are you planning to rename X-X grids first and then Y-Y grids? Or do you want to rename them all together?

The creation order was random

But it worked just fine

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A classic case of errors showing up when you use and when someone else uses the same, no errors. It did not work for me when I finished making the script yesterday.

Yes, I wanted to renumber all the X grids and then Y grids. So, the user has to select all the X-axis grids first, run the script, then switch over to Y grids by selecting them and run again.

Works now. I’m puzzled. :neutral_face:

hi @Dynamo_Noob

Can I ask if what is the naming convention for the x-axis and y-axis (which is in alphabet, which is in numeric?).


The Numerical Numbering is done horizontally, i.e for the vertical grids in view. And alphabetical for the other direction.

hi @Dynamo_Noob

check this: arrange_grid.dyn (7.6 KB)

A represents the Grid category (it means the value should be always “Grids”)
B represents a view on which the grids you want to rename are clearly visible


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It works, and you managed to do it with just 3 nodes and a python script. I’ll keep this, just in case, my script messes up. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!


good to here that it works. dont forget to mark my answers as solution to your problem :wink: