Corridor.Baselines node fails while importing corridor having featureline as baseline

The node Corridor.Baselines fail when importing baselines from the corridor having feature line as baseline.image
what could be the possible solution to import such baseline?


Could you show us the error message and make a screenshot more large to see what is the input of your node here?

I have used feature line as the baseline to create a part of the corridor.

Known limitation in Civil 3D API


ok. So, there is know other way I could extract the corridor feature lines for such corridors in dynamo?

A workaround could be to use dynamo to create an alignment and profile from the feature line then switch the base line in program?

Or maybe extract them as dynamic corridor feature lines in model space and then use Featureline.ByName?


Thanks! this worked for me :slight_smile:
I used Featureline.ByObject instead.

I’ll give it a try. Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you explain that?
I’m in the same situation and i dont’ know how to get featurelines from the objects (corridors)…
Im really new in dynamo.

You can use the following Nodes under Civil3DToolkit package:

Extract Featurelines1
Extract Featurelines2

or else you can also use this node from existing default nodes:

Extract Featurelines3

I know this nodes, but none of them works with featureline-based corridors…as far as i know.

And how have you used the featureline.byobject node?
Or did you extract the featurelines by hand before?