Hi everyone,

I created a corridor with the feature line as baseline type and then I extracted corridor solids. I am trying to split solids with the Civil3D_SplitCorridorSolid Dynamo sample, but I am getting this warning: This operation on featureline-based baseline is invalid.

Does anyone know any workaround for this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @a.simon,

I haven’t looked at that graph specifically but if it has any nodes that deal with corridor baselines, they won’t work if the baseline is a feature line. Those just simply aren’t supported in Dynamo at the moment. I can’t remember exactly, but the Corridor.GetSolids node may require a baseline input, in which case you’d be stuck. But you could select the solids another way (like All Objects of Type or All Objects on Layer) and then split them with the Solid.SliceByPlanes node.

@mzjensen thank you for the reply and for the suggestion.
I tried to rearrange SplitCorridorSolid script and replaced some Baseline nodes with FeatureLine nodes, but I don’t know how to correctly define planes.
The script stops at the red circle with the following warning: There is no version of Get.ValueAtIndex that accepts argument type(s)

The FeatureLine.ByName node likely returns a single Feature Line and not a list of Feature Lines. The code block with a[0] is basically just shorthand for the List.FirstItem node. It’s saying “get the item at index 0 of the ‘a’ list.” So then the warning is saying that it can’t get the item at that index because the input is not a list, but rather a single item.

So basically you could remove that code block completely and plug the Feature Line straight into the following nodes. But with that said, Feature Lines and Corridor Feature Lines are different, so you’ll probably get this warning:


You’ll have to use the nodes under the Land Development shelf to get the coordinate systems along the Feature Line, and then the planes you likely want will come from CoordinateSystem.ZXPlane.


@mzjensen I took your advice and fixed the script. Looks like it works perfectly.

Thank you very much, I really apreciate it!

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