Copy parameter values between models for elements at the same position

Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:
Im struggling a bit with my dynamo script … maybe it’s just a lack of knowledge, maybe I have a too complicated mind.
So here’s my problem:
Elements are created in a linked MEP model. Different elements are created at the same position in the architectural model. A parameter value is to be copied from the MEP element into a parameter of the architecture element. It is important that the value of the MEP element is copied to the architectural element at the same position. Does any of you have an idea how I could do this?
I did not find a reasonable solution using GetLocation Node.

What did you try? That’s likely where I would start.

I tried to read the position with GetLocation and then check it with ==. For whatever reason the operator obviously can’t check points and always returns ‘false’.

Try geometry.DistanceTo witb cross product lacing. Values equal to 0 will be in the same spot.

Note that this will be very computationally expensive, so breaking your model into sections will likely be a must.

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