Copy Monitor Families

I am trying to Copy all the parameters and valves from a linked model family into a copy monitored families.
i don’t even know where to start to do this helping someone can help me out

this is what i have but it is not putting the right infomation with the right family

Elements are normally listed by Id number (when they were created). You’ll have to match up the link element with the copied element in order to transfer parameter information between the two. You could probably do an intersection check between their placement points or something similar to find which elements are located at the same point.

if i only knew the program enough to do that

There are a lot of posts that deal with the same thing.
The general process would be to:

  1. Use Element.GetLocation to get the location point of each element (both copied and monitored)
  2. Use Geometry.DoesIntersect with the location points to see which elements intersect with which linked elements.
  3. Filter the elements so everything is in the correct order.

You can actually make this much easier by just using the Element.IntersectsElement node from Bimorph. It will do all the intersecting and filtering for you.

Can you point me at one of the other posts because i am not getting what you are trying to say maybe someone has an example

Can someone tell me why this isn’t working?

You’re getting the parameter not the parameter value for A_Tag. Use GetParameterValueByName instead of ParameterByName.

Nick, man that worked thanks a ton for your help

I am still having issues with it now copying to the right families in the model.
I have changed the direction a little from above right now I am only dealing with the A_tag and A_Location Parameters. when i plug the numbers in they don’t write to the family they should be.

it doesn’t look like the nodes came thru too clear so maybe this will help PushTypeMarkandMarktoElecModel (3).dyn (53.1 KB)