Filter all elements by an value of an Typeparameter

Hi there,

I want to filter out some elements of my model. All of my elements (Floors, Columns, walls, etc.) have an Typeparameter called ‘cpiFitMatchKey’.
Now I want to filter all elements wich Parameter cpiFitMatchKey is for exaple ‘Test’.

How can I do this in dynamo?

@Gregor_Warneke, do you have a graph started we can discuss? It usually helps if you can take a stab at it and the Forum can help if you get stuck.

I would say that you should get All Elements of Category for those elements, then Get Element Parameter for the parameters you mention and check for the value.

@SeanP: Here ist the graph. It has two lines. The upper one gives me all instance parameters. This line works for all Revit types .
The lower line gives me all Typeparameter but only for the Floor Types. I want the lower line works also for all Revit Categories.

Here would be an example of how to get it for floors. You could add categories using a List.Create node.

You would need to change the “Type Name” to your parameter name, and the “C4” to the value you want.

I can not find the ‘elements.type’ Node. Which version of dynamo do you use?

I use the version 1.2.1

It is from the archilab package.

However there is also a built in node in 1.3.3 at least that will do it as well.

hi @Gregor_Warneke, this UI node can collect and select elements based on a parameter and its value.
Unfortunately, can only collect a single category at a time. Anyway, if you want to give a try, this node available in Quasar Package.