Filter design option by name and get related elements from linked models


I’m stuck there, i try to copy elements from linked models by their design options to paste them in the host model to same place. but the results as shown below ,Any help?? :frowning: :frowning:

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2nd Trial_single_Copy Elements from links with transforms.dyn (34.2 KB)


Hi @abdallahzakaria,

I think the problem lies in the way you filter the design option.
To avoid the empty and null values, I would do that :

Please use Springs.CopyFromLinkInstance to copy the elements with the transform coordinates.

I hope the explanation is clear.


Thanks Alban,but this will not help because the i need to filter the design options based on link instances names, where i need the dynamo understand that when it find the link instance called " D1" select the elements that are on design option called “D1” also.
For that, i tried to use Dictionary Nodes


Why do you want to do everything at the same time ?

Filter the link instances by name, then filter the design option by name like in my picture, then collect elements with SelectBycategoryand DesignOption.


because this will force me to choose link name and design options every time i copy elements, so you can imagine with me if i have 40 links and each link has a five design options, so what is the advantages of using dynamo in that case if i do this ??


I’m not talking about making 3 different graphs but rather 3 defined steps in a single graph.

You should know that if you want help, you have every interest to add revit files samples.
Your initial graph is difficult to understand.


thanks a lot , i will explain the issue here under ,
its a tower project and consists of 36 apartment prototypes, they are distributed a long tower floors with different design options where each apartment has a different design options for balconies with related plumbing and lighting fixtures (Up lights and Drains), some apartments have 5 design options , other has 2 design options and so on.
I have a host Revit file that will contain all apartment links where i need to copy balcony flooring, up-lights and plumbing fixtures from them based on their design options used inside the apartment link.
The link instances were renamed to be like this for example " 2BR_D5_07" , where i have apartment name of " 2BR_D" and it has five alternatives of balconies, so this apartment is repeated in host model along floors with five types ( 2BR_D1, 2BR_D2, 2BR_D3, 2BR_D4, 2BR_D5 ) , the number " 07 " refers to the level that the apartment found in ( 7th floor ).
I’ve uploaded a sample files for one apartment and the host file
Issue :
I need to copy the balconies and related plumbing fixtures and up-lights based on the name of link instance so, i need to tell dynamo when you find the link name is “2BR_D2” copy elements from design option “D2” and when you find the link name is " 2BR_D3" copy elements from design option “D3” and so on, Thats all.
Host.rvt (2.5 MB)
2BR_D.rvt (2.6 MB)


Hi Abdallha,

Maybe I don’t understand well your purpose but I don’t see the difficulty.
In the example below, I copy with success the plumbing fixtures of the design options D1 and D2.
Of course with a list of 90 links, you need to adjust the beginning of the graph to select only the relevant links.